All Things New…

February 20

The new you… complete in Christ

“It is finished.” (Jesus, on the cross; John 19:30)

True Christian living begins with the understanding that what you are effects what you do. Our new identity (as new creations) starts with accepting the fact that, through the work of Jesus, God has already provided that you can BE new. He is not making us new. He is not tirelessly fixing our same old issues. He is not reforming our bad habits. He is not remolding us into something better… He made (past tense) us new. He truly sees each of us through the completed work of Christ. When our thinking lines up with God’s provision, we become a force to be reckoned with – we become like Jesus (enabled to minister on this earth just as Jesus ministered!).

If that seems unreachable or unfathomable – it is because we are thinking according to, what the Bible calls: the old “man.” When we truly understand ALL that God has already accomplished for us, we discover the true power and wealth of the Christian life. We are no longer “bullied around” by the things, or cravings, of this world anymore – we become “more than conquerors” and authoritative, world-changing emessaries of the Most High God.

finishedI cannot stress this enough: God’s enabling, for each of us, has already happened. It was what Jesus came to do for us. And when He said, “It is finished!” it meant more than just “they are forgiven” – it meant: “they are enabled to BE completely new – completely belonging to God!”

Even before He went to the cross, Jesus spent most of His time talking about this newness. He often contrasted this world’s thinking vs. God’s thinking – or current religious thinking vs. the thinking of those in the Kingdom of God.

Matthew, chapters 5 – 7, are a wonderful example of this. Jesus takes the time to talk about what being in the Kingdom of God brings to us – and how it cuts against the grain of (even the best) human or religious reasoning. He tells us what it IS… to BE in the Kingdom of God – and He tells us why it is better than anything this world can possibly offer us.

In the next several days, we will take a closer look at what is commonly referred to as “the sermon on the mount,” and discover the rich treasure of what it means to BE in the Kingdom of God – and what that affords every one of us who commit our hearts and lives to Jesus…

Prayer Focus: God, reveal the depths and heights of Your Kingdom so that I can walk in the fullness of Your provision for me!


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I have spent years studying the Scriptures and seeking for God's answer to the question: What IS true Christianity? Let me share some answers with you...
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