All Things New…

February 17

The new you… escaping false views of God; conclusion

A few final thoughts on these false views of God…

There are a wide range of perceptions of the Creator-King (even beyond what we have discussed). The most interesting thing is the fact that each of these perceptions carries a measure of truth. There is an aspect of God’s character and nature in each of these views. But as in all things, when we lose sight of all the other views, focusing only on our limited perception – everything gets out of balance and we lose a true view of God.

These are the facts: God is holy, God is righteous, God is perfect, God is kind and giving, God is a God of comfort, God is all-powerful and able to do amazing things, God is high and exalted over (and above) all things, and God is the Originator of all things. All these aspects of the divine character are right and true – and they all work together to give us a true perception of a God Who is powerful, personal, and practical for our daily lives.

god-creatorThe challenge, and the key, is to seek to know the Creator-King in the entirety of His revelation of Himself to us – to know that He is God in all these aspects of His character. True Christians seek to know Him as He really is, in the fullness of His revelation to us – not in the narrow and limited aspects of His nature.

This is where the new you comes into play. The old you likes to latch on to your favorite aspects of God, while downplaying those areas that aren’t as “appealing” – a “mix and match” kind of god. But the new you actually desires to know God in His fullness – and the new you recognizes the importance of a well-rounded view of God.

It is the only way we can come to rest in the totality of His character. The truth is: Our God is a gentle breeze AND a raging storm. He is the warm glow of the sun AND an uncontainable fire. He is peace like a river AND deep, dangerous waters. He is unlimited love AND unparalleled wrath. He is mercy without measure AND justice, unrelenting… All these things are part of Who He is – and these parts all work together in perfect balance and harmony.

aslan-narnia-320x480As with Aslan, the Lion (a figure of Christ in the “Chronicles of Narnia”), our God is “not safe… But He is good.” He dwells, eternally, in the constant balance of His perfection…

For those of us who seek to know Him in the depths of Who He has revealed Himself to be, He pours out the infinite riches of Himself… To lead us, guide us, sustain us, protect us, secure us, comfort us, inform us, love us, inspire us, and (even) avenge us.

He has no problem coming to live within us – so that He can impart Himself to us – and work through us to do what only He can do.

The old you wants only portions of God (so you can contain him in your favorite box). The new you wants the fullness of God – moving freely and powerfully as He chooses, from within you.

Take off the old! Put on the new!

That… is where life gets wonderfully exciting!

Prayer focus: God, help me to seek You in Your fullness – to see the height and depths of Who You really are.


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I have spent years studying the Scriptures and seeking for God's answer to the question: What IS true Christianity? Let me share some answers with you...
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