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February 16

The new you… escaping false views of God; part 8

“The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth…” (from Isaiah 40:28)

Today, we return to talking about people’s false perceptions of God – and how those perceptions have a profound effect upon our relationship with God.

Earlier this week, we talked about the view of God as the High and Mighty – how, in an honest attempt to properly reverence God, He can become unapproachable (and even unapplicable) in our daily lives.

God is High and exalted – and He is a friend to the lowly. He is both Kinglyand kindly!

Here n our last stop, we will touch on a view that is really an anti-God view. The reason we mention it, is because it is becoming much more prevalent in the minds of people of today’s society.

mother-nature-2Mother Nature. This view is fueled by humanism (the idea that man is the center of the universe; and any god is a product of man’s imagination). It really is a religious system – because it is based upon faith in certain accepted “facts.” There may be actual worship (of creation itself) and a recognition of a great power behind all of nature – but it is not the God of the Bible that is worshiped or recognized.

This view has become the basis of evolutionary theory (everything we are, observe, and experience came by natural processes – thus nature was the originator and sustainer of all that is). It is also the foundation of the ideology of environmental activism (we exist to serve and care for the earth, for our earth is derived from natural processes [as are we!]).

Those deeply invested in these ideologies have replaced the God of Scripture with a god of nature (or of natural human reasoning). The closer we look, we see that “mother nature” is the exact polar opposite of Father God – both in belief and practice.

Those with a “mother nature” view, have little use for the God of Scripture – or for people who believe in the God of Scripture. They have willfully rejected “Father God” and embraced other natural causes, or explanations for life and existence. These people are described so vividly, by the apostle Paul: “They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator – Who is forever praised.” (from Romans 1:25)

Scripture (God speaking to us) tells us: All things were created through Him (Jesus!) and for Him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” (from Col. 1:16-17) Those who embrace “mother nature” as the creator and sustainer of all things stand adamantly opposed to the Apostle’s conclusion.

treading-on-gods-lawReaching those who have embraced this view of “god” is extremely difficult. Their minds have already eliminated God from the equation – and they have fully accepted “natural” ideologies to explain the world that is seen, and the issues that are faced. Plus, we have the knowledge that God tells us of His response to those who choose to walk this path – God “gives them over” to where their path will take them (see Romans 1:18-32). This “giving over” can only solidify their mistaken beliefs… and assure the course of their demise.

But there is always hope! The Bible tells us that the kindness of God leads us all to repentance – and as we, believers in God, show His kindness to those who have lost their way, it is still possible for them to see the error of their ways (with the Holy Spirit’s help!).

Prayer focus: God, help me to be mindful of the “spirit of the age” and to be a living example of Your Heart to everyone I meet.



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