The New You… Not Afraid! Part 2

January 23


What keeps most of us from enjoying the fullness of the Christian life?

For most of us, when we really think about it… it is our fear.

It is important to understand that there are reasons for our fears. Some of them can be quite legitimate. Real people… with real problems…

Some were victims of abuse. Some were not raised in a supportive environment. Some never really felt loved. Some did not have the presence of a father… or a mother. Some went through a harrowing experience, or a devastating trauma – that shattered their hope and/or innocence.

7-fear-has-stolenThese are the types of things that become a fertile ground for fear (among other things). And fear seems to devastate their lives like some cancerous plague. Always growing. Always terrorizing. Always leaving them in the sorrowful wake of failed potential. All because fear is so hard to overcome – such a terribly strong foe to defeat.

Some people come by fear, quite naturally – it is part of their personality, their make-up. Some just prefer life at a casual and leisurely pace. Some just find no thrill in “tempting fate.” They like their safety, their security, their non-threatening places – and they really like staying there. Even if, deep down inside, they know that they should get beyond their fearful approach to life. Somehow, they are haunted by the feeling of missing out on God’s best – because they inherently know that what He has for them exists just beyond those safe, careful, comfort zones.

For many, the thought of leaving fear behind creates even more fear. Better to dwell in that safe place of mediocrity than to be dashed to pieces on the waves of life’s threatening seas.

What hope is there for the fearful? How do any of us escape from our years of fearful torment?

There is only one way out of our fear. That is to replace our fearful thoughts with another, more powerful, thought. The Bible calls this the “renewing of our minds.” (see Romans 12:1-2) And is it ever transforming!

Let’s face it: there is only one way to defeat the giant, hideous monster that is our fears. That is to bring Someone bigger and stronger to the battle!

God’s solution to our fear problem is so very simple. We are to live in the recognition and realization that He is right there with us! And not only that, but He has rolled up His proverbial sleeves and is ready to get busy, on our behalf. What can anything in this world hope to do against the Almighty? “If God is for us who (or what) can stand against us.” Indeed!

In our verse of the day, God is speaking (through the prophet Isaiah). He only has one solution for His people. “Stop being afraid!”     Why??      Because “I am with you!”

God’s solution to our fear problem is to bring… Himself. His Presence, in our lives, changes everything. No longer are you facing this terrifying world, and all its terrible giants, alone. You have entered the arena of this life… and God, the Almighty, has climbed into the ring with you.

Why would He do this for us? Two reasons. One, He hates fear. Fear is so NOT Him.

And Two, He loves us. So much so, that He is willing to climb into the ring of life, right beside us.

And take on all-comers…

Prayer focus: God, help me to see that YOU are with me – in whatever I face!


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I have spent years studying the Scriptures and seeking for God's answer to the question: What IS true Christianity? Let me share some answers with you...
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