A New You… a New Way; part 2

January 21

If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit.” (Galatians 5:25)

Yesterday, we talked about the importance (and the advantage) of having The Expert Traveler with us, wherever we go. It really is an essential concept… that God is with us, wherever we are.

But if we are not very careful, we can get this whole thing out of whack. We can begin to think that this is all about where I want to go – and we just kind of take God along for the ride.

I have even seen bumper stickers that proudly declare: “God is my co-pilot!”

If that is the case, then, we probably need to switch seats.

The Christian life is never about what we want to do (and pray that God blesses our efforts and goals). It is about following God’s direction – God’s desires. It is about doing what He wants us to do.

Jesus made it clear: “Come, follow Me!” He did not say: “Hey, let me follow you around.”

Our analogy (from yesterday) also breaks down because, when the Bible was written, there were no cars for travelling (unless you count chariots). If you wanted to travel somewhere (anywhere!) you had to walk there.

So you have the apostle Paul picking up on that picture – a familiar picture for everyone of his day. People walking to get where they wanted to go.

2015-verse-aw1But if you look closely at our Scripture for the day, we get the clear picture that the One leading us on our journey is the Holy Spirit. He is out front. He is on the move. And if we want to be where He is, doing the things He wants to do, we need to “keep in step” with Him.

The key to the Christian life is not getting God to bless our efforts. The key is getting in step with what God wants to do. His efforts are always blessed!

What God wants is hardly ever about religious duty or practice. It is almost always about being in a place where someone needs a touch of God’s love. Where God takes us is usually to where there is a need that only His Presence, and His love, can satisfy – and we get to be the ones through Whom He does His work.

Look at the life of Jesus. Everywhere He went (and He walked everywhere!) He ran into people with needs and He met those needs with the love of God. This is really how it is supposed to be with us.

Now, we don’t have to establish a Jesus-style ministry (unless God wants you to). For most of us this means that wherever you are, and in whatever you are doing, let the Spirit lead and guide you to be love of God with whomever has a need.

This could be at work. At the store. At the ball game. In your neighborhood…

Wherever you are, you are God’s opportunity to shine. You are God’s vessel to touch lives with His love. You are someone’s answer to prayer…

The apostle’s summary statement, in Galatians 5:25, is one of those things that should be obvious to us. God brought us to life – now let’s let Him live through us. We do this by opening our spiritual ears, lifting our eyes, and keeping in step with God as He is moving in our particular corner of the world.

Prayer focus: God, help me to set aside my own agenda, and simply seek to walk where You want to go and do what You want to do – wherever I find myself in life.


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