The Struggle to Be Loved

January 11


As a follow-up to yesterday’s thoughts…

The more I think about it, one of our greatest struggles just may be centered in whether or not God actually loves us. Think about it… if we really believed that God really loved us, why would we not want to receive the fullness of His love. What greater thing than to know that the God Who created us (and Who possesses infinite power) actually longs to pour out his infinite love upon us.

Yet, for some reason, this seems to be the great battleground – for each and every one of us. God’s love seems to be the most difficult thing for us to truly accept – let alone, receive.

Most of our struggle stems from the fact that we know who we really are. We are often weak, cowardly, petty, selfish, self-consumed, prone to temptations, and subject to our addictions. We spend most of our time dwelling upon our mistakes – or upon the pain that others have caused us.

We feel ashamed, guilty, broken, empty… ugly.

On top of all that, deep down, we know that God sees us as we really are – He knows our struggles, our shame, our ugly inner thoughts.

How could He possibly love that person.

Bottom line: we are not impressed by who we really are – so how could God be?

But here is the thing: God does not love us because we deserve His love. He loves us because He has chosen to do so. No one coerced Him into loving us – He just wanted to!

That brings up another vital point. Our performance (doing the right things, and avoiding the wrong things) cannot make God love us more… or less. Even on our best day, where we did everything right – we did not gain an ounce more of God’s love. And even on our worst day, where we were just a total failure – we did not lose one iota of His love.

I find that utterly amazing!

When God speaks of loving us with an “everlasting love” (as He does in Jeremiah 31:3), that means that from the very moment He decided to love you, there can be NO END to His love. There are no time limits on His love. There are no pre-conditions to His love. From the very beginning, He gave us His love and He cannot take it back. His love will go on and on… forever!

Now, the smartest thing that any of us can do is simply to receive His love. We need to stop worrying about why God loves us. There is no good reason why. God just simply chose to do so – and His love is always a permanent and enduring offer.

Tomorrow, I will relate a story to illustrate this point…

Prayer focus: God, help me to see that I am Your beloved – and let that knowledge seep down into the depths of my spirit.


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