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Dateline Washington D.C.

Today, in what some may see as a stunning development, the Supreme Court upheld the challenge to the 29th amendment (the so-called “genetic predisposition” amendment).

In a 5 to 4 decision, the Court ruled that the amendment was, indeed, constitutional. Justice Shirley Arogan-Thuman, in the 66-page majority opinion, summarized the Court’s decision in this manner: “The issues of genetic disposition are at the forefront of what it means to be a “person” – and those persons defined by those dispositions must be afforded the full extent of the protections provided by our Constitution… Modern science has revealed, beyond a reasonable doubt, that our choices in life are often prescribed by each person’s genetic code… Legislation, even legislation designed to “protect the innocent,” cannot supersede what is indelibly written within each of us.”

At the center of the 29th Amendment, is the controversial discovery that those who practice a pedophiliac lifestyle should no longer be subject to criminal prosecution – based upon significant, and recent, advances in genetic research. As Dr. Mortimer Thanatos, head of the Gene Lab Research Center, recently stated in a nationally televised interview: “Our extensive research into genetic coding reveals that, in the case of pedophiles (as also with homosexuals), their actions, and their choices to follow their passions, are predetermined by their genetic code. They can no more change their predispositions than the proverbial leopard can change his spots… Our research has overwhelmingly concluded that to single out certain individuals because they do not acquiesce to preconceived societal standards is, in a very real sense, morally irresponsible… People, quite simply, are what they are – and what they are is predetermined by their genetic disposition.”

Today’s Supreme Court decision appeared to reflect, and reinforce, these findings.

Opponents of the 29th Amendment, waited outside of the Supreme Court building, and expressed their shock and outrage when the Court’s decision was delivered. The Rev. Ben Goodfellow, leader of the group “End 29,” addressed the media: “We cannot begin to express our extreme disappointment that the highest court in our land has shown a complete disregard for the young lives that have been tarnished and destroyed by these sexual predators. This horrible amendment, and now this terrible ruling, have provided a legal precedent for predators to prey upon their victims without fear of recourse or retribution… This is a sad and terrible day for all who hold to morality and justice in the core of their beings… It is yet one more proof that we have become a proud and godless society.”

Earnest Pederast, the leader of the group P.E.D. (Pedophiliacs for Equality and Diversity) was ecstatic. Surrounded by a small group of formerly prosecuted child-offenders, Pederast proclaimed: “This is a proud day for everyone who has been labeled as a deviant just because our moral compass points in a different direction. It is a proud day for pedophiliacs everywhere – who have been openly ostracized and ill-treated for something they simply cannot help.”

In response to the Rev. Goodfellow’s words, Pederast said: “These pitiful people continue to hold onto outdated moral views, which modern science is continually debunking. They hold their Bibles high and continue to pour out their hate upon anyone who does not hold to their antiquated standards… Modern science is paving the way to educate us to the way things really are… We have science. We have education. As a society, we no longer need such harmful and rigid moral views.”

When asked about the “victims” of those who practice a pedophile lifestyle, Pederast proclaimed: “ Let’s be clear here, the real victims are those who have been made to feel ashamed and afraid because of who they are inside. As for the young ones who have “participated” with those who practice “our lifestyle” they should receive counsel and be properly informed and educated about the dangers of accusing and discriminating against people who cannot help but what they are. Science has shown us the better path… and the Supreme Court has validated that path!”

In the wake of the Court’s decision, it is expected that many of those who have been convicted of abusing children will receive pardons and be allowed to return to their lives (with the possibility of some restitution by the States in which they have been prosecuted). Many laws concerning sexual predators will be challenged and revisited – new laws will have to be written to reflect the acceptance of the role of genetic disposition in our lives, and in our society.

The preceding account is a fabrication.

OR is it?

What do you think?               Could this happen?             Will it happen?

    Where is our culture headed?     I would like to hear your thoughts!


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