Understanding True Discipleship… (segment 4)

So far, we have talked about the importance of the great commission Jesus gave to His disciples. He commanded them to “go into all the world…” and, as they were going, to “make disciples” everywhere they went. We have emphasized the value of being a disciple of Jesus, and we have discovered Jesus’ Own definition of a disciple. Jesus said, “It is enough for the student (disciple) to be like his teacher, and the servant like his master.” (Matthew 10:25) Disciples are specifically called to “be like,” or imitate, their Master – to become a living, breathing, active (and accurate) representative of Jesus everywhere that disciple goes. Being a disciple of Jesus is critical for a true expression of Christianity. Scripture clearly shows us that Jesus spent His years of earthly ministry in the company of men He called to Himself – men He called to be His disciples.

But yet another question emerges. Why would the Lord even need disciples? After all, if Jesus’ main purpose were to redeem all of humanity, why would He ever choose to gather any disciples around Him? If redemption were His only concern, then His death and resurrection would certainly have been sufficient to accomplish His purpose. If this were His only purpose then He would really have no need for any followers. For that matter, if redemption were His only objective why would He even need to leave the earth and ascend back to The Father? Why not continue to inhabit the earth in every generation of souls and personally pursue the proclamation of His redemptive work for each and every generation? If we take the time to really think about it, if redemption were His only objective, it seems very strange that Jesus would have any need for disciples at all.

But Scripture reveals that Jesus’ decision to call disciples is very clear. These disciples walked with Him, shared every aspect of life with Him, ministered with Him and were His constant companions through every situation He faced during His time of public ministry on this earth. Even when He left this earth, to ascend back to Heaven, He left from the company of His disciples (see Acts 1). Why would Jesus even seek to call disciples to be with Him every step of the way?

There is something at work here that is greater than it might first appear. It is where we can all take heart and consider the eminent possibilities. Apparently, Jesus had a definite purpose beyond His redemptive work and this purpose extends to every human being that would call upon Him as Savior, Lord and Master. This purpose is the very essence of true Christianity and why we need to understand it in all its glorious fullness. In His time on this earth, Jesus gathered men around Him for the specific purpose of imparting Himself into their lives. His goal, and His plan, was to replicate Himself within other human beings. This purpose is the centerpiece of redemption. We are to understand that redemption is centered in the purpose of human beings becoming and being just like Jesus, the Christ. We were all redeemed to fulfill something beyond redemption. This truth is at the very heart of what it is to be a true disciple…

To be continued…

(Excerpt from “The Great Missed Understanding” Chapter One)

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