The Kingdom of God in the everyday…

We have been talking about how Jesus came with a message to proclaim – and this message was centered around the Kingdom of God. We have seen that, if we are intent upon discovering and living true Christianity, we really cannot do so unless we begin with the essential starting place of God’s Kingdom. This is why Jesus came and told us we needed to repent (change our way of thinking) because human beings do not normally think in terms of the Kingship of God, or of the fact that His great desire is to assert His good and benevolent rule upon this earth. Once we have our minds properly focused upon the Kingdom of God, then our faith (and our actions) must flow out of that focus. We need to daily live with a passion for the King’s will and for His purposes for our lives. This is what Jesus demonstrated when He walked among us. This is what all true Christians must demonstrate as well. Jesus’ consuming passion was the King’s will – and advancing the Kingdom of God. This passion must be ours also.

But once we begin talking about the Kingdom of God, we can begin to feel a bit detached and disconnected. After all, we live out our lives in the “real” world. We all have our daily responsibilities, struggles, issues, problems, concerns – demanding our attention, time, and energies. It is hard to focus upon the Kingdom of God when the world, in which we live, is constantly “in our face.” We tend to deal with this problem by becoming compartmentalized with our life and our faith. We have “God time” (church, personal devotion time, prayer time, etc…) and we have “daily living” time (work, school, family, activities, other responsibilities, etc…). We end up with this troublesome and frustrating balancing act (some days more successful than others), never quite certain if we are really doing what (or all) we need to do.

But here is the good news. This is nothing new. People have always struggled with the balancing act of trying to live in this world and live for God. We have legitimate concerns about our daily lives and we are trying to figure out how God fits within our day to day concerns and worries. The truth is that God is well-aware of our struggles and worries – and Jesus addressed the issue when He came to this earth. He put it this way: “Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things (what you eat, drink, and wear) will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself…” (Matthew 6:33-34) What Jesus is saying, here, is monumentally important – and life-changing. He is telling us plainly that, for the one who is truly devoted to the King, there is no such thing as “religious” life and “personal” life. They are one and the same. If we get our focus right (our hearts and minds fixed upon the King and His goodness) every other issue/concern of our daily lives will be met – and met by the handiwork of the Great King Himself (they “will be given” to us, by God Himself). God is not just interested in our spiritual well-being – He is interested in our total well-being. He is keenly interested in our everyday existence – including all the “mundane,” regular, and day-to-day matters of our lives.

The reason we so often worry about things is because we are still clinging to the vain notion (mindset!) that we have some manner of control over the situation – that there is something we can do (or should do) to make things turn out all right. Jesus came and pointed to the folly of this manner of thinking (see Matthew 6:25-34; really, all of Matthew 6), and offered a much superior way! He came and told us of a King Who loves us immensely, and Who has the power to do anything He desires to do. And part of what He desires to do is to take wonderful care of the ones He loves – those who seek to love Him with all their hearts, souls, minds and strength.

We cannot love God without the overwhelming understanding that He loves us first (1 John 4:19). Because He loves us so much, we can rest in the powerful assurance that He will care for us in every tiny detail of our lives. That is His Kingly promise to us (and He cannot ever lie or mislead us!). This is why Jesus went everywhere talking about, and proclaiming, the Kingdom of God. The best of all possible things for humanity is to come to the King and be loved by the King. He is offering His love. He is eagerly desiring to love us. And His love makes all the difference in our (everyday!) lives…

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