A Heartseeker’s Journey into Truth


For quite some time, several people have requested that I share the things that I have shared with them, through a web log. I have resisted that request (up to this point, obviously!). After all, there are so many people talking and teaching and sharing their thoughts, why would anyone need another voice in the mix? But I have been reminded of a realization: these thoughts are not really mine to share. The very essence of truth (as we discover it in the Scriptures) is that these are God’s thoughts, as expressed and revealed for our benefit. Scripture says it best: “The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever…” (from Deuteronomy 29:29). God has revealed some amazing things about His Nature, His Character, His ways, and His Truth – we just have to diligently seek Him out, we just have to discover what He has so freely given to us. Sometimes, we need a little help along the way…

Through the years, I have come to realize that there are a great number of people just like me. They have come into a relationship with Jesus, but for some indiscernible reason, their experience with Christianity has been, somehow, lacking. They catch brief glimpses of the wonder and splendor of New Covenant life, but these experiences are all too brief and all too fleeting. We believe all right. But we find that, quite often we feel that our thoughts are shallow, our faith hollow, our prayers empty, and our lives are more often characterized by mediocrity than victory. Something, it seems, is just not quite what we expected…

We are plagued by the fact that we rarely see what the New Testament promises we will see. So we are left to wonder: is there more to this Christian life – are we just missing something. We claim to be in real relationship with the Almighty God. We claim that He is living within us, through the Person of the Holy Spirit. But, we are prone to wonder, shouldn’t God’s abiding Presence within us produce more than we are seeing? Shouldn’t God be doing God kind of things through us? That seems to be the promise we see in the Scriptures. What is the solution to our problem – if indeed, a problem truly exists.

Herein lies our struggle… We think that we have the real thing (a true Christianity). We have been taught and trained to believe certain things, and we are also taught to hang on to these “truths” with all our hearts. It seldom occurs to us that other Christians may believe certain things that are diametrically different to our own “truths.” Surely they are wrong in what they believe – after all, if we are right then they just have to be mistaken.

Sometimes it occurs to us: they might be thinking the same things about us and what we believe. If we are honest, we may wonder: do they have something I don’t? Or, do I have something they need? But mostly we just go on living our lives, believing what we are taught to believe, and never really bothering to wonder if we really have a hold of that which is true.

I have discovered a sobering fact. Many of the things we hold on to as essential truths are only a part of the whole picture. They are not wrong, they are just so often incomplete. What we are lacking is a clear view, and an indelible understanding, of the whole picture. Jesus came not only to tell us the truth, He IS the truth (John 14:6). The Holy Spirit, Who indwells every true believer, is given to us to guide us into all truth (John 16:13). It is inconceivable to me that Our Lord, and God’s Own Spirit, would not want to bring us into the fullness of God’s Truth for our lives. So the problem must rest on our end. We can only conclude that we must have certain barriers, within our various theological reasonings (and beliefs), that have prevented us from becoming everything we are intended to be. We are not really living in the fullness of the Christian experience because we are not truly living in the fullness of God’s revealed truth for our lives.

If you are like me, you want the fullness of everything God has for us. We don’t just want a taste of the banquet of God’s grace and goodness, we want to enjoy the full flavor and bounty of all God has offered to us. We want to live in the fullness of God’s purpose for our lives and know the depths and heights of His love for us – and experience the wonder of His immense love working through us.

You are out there. I’ve talked with so many of you. Like me, you want more than you have been seeing and experiencing. You want to see things differently. You want to see where a true faith can take you. And you want to know the wonder and splendor of The One Who loved us and gave Himself for us so we might come to know Him in all His fullness (see Ephesians 3:19).

Like me, you truly believe that Our God wants us to discover, and live in, all that He has for us. You truly believe that those who truly seek Him will find Him (in all His fullness) when we seek Him with all our hearts. If you are interested, we will journey together. We will trust in God’s open invitation that forms the very foundation of our journey. God’s unfailing promise to His people is that, “you will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13) This is the heartseeker’s desire and passion. This is the essence of true Christianity…

My hope, and my intention, is to offer the insights I have discovered in my own journey. My prayer is that they will help you in your own journey with our Lord.

God’s grace surround you…


About theheartseeker

I have spent years studying the Scriptures and seeking for God's answer to the question: What IS true Christianity? Let me share some answers with you...
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3 Responses to A Heartseeker’s Journey into Truth

  1. chuckandjan says:

    Finally! So glad you finally did it! Now I can share it with others!

  2. snardfarkle says:

    This is SO apropos for a day and a time that is in need of the simplicity of the revealed truth. God bless you

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